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Official Social Media

Social media is a tool that can help you stay informed during an emergency. It's important to understand that because of how social media platforms work, you won't see every update in your feed, or you might see it much later. Still, social media can get you information fast, and make it easy to share with others. Official social media accounts for El Paso County and City of Colorado Springs agencies are listed below, along with non-emergency contact information for many other local jurisdictions. 

TV and Radio

Local TV and radio news stations often will provide coverage of local emergencies or disasters. Many stations have their own news app that can alert you to breaking news and severe weather. Check with your preferred media outlet to see what they provide.

Don’t forget that power outages can occur during an emergency and can last for days or even weeks in some cases. Make sure you have a plan to power devices like cell phones and radios that you depend on for information and emergency alerts.